What Book Would You Recommend… and Why?

Last week I dared you to join me in my Christmas Challenge so this week I want to give you the floor and ask for your Christmas wisdom.

Christmas is a time when most of us buy presents for our friends and family and, while I would love for you to take up my challenge and donate as much to charity as you spend on gifts this year, today I’d like to focus on WHAT we spend our money on.

We all know that books can have a great impact on people. They stimulate the mind and can cut through to the heart in an incredible way. Books can change our attitude, change our way of thinking, educate, entertain and inspire.

This Christmas, are you going to give a book as a gift? If you are (or if you were to) what book do you think is worth spending your money on? What book is a worthy gift for someone you love?

I’d love to know what books you are buying or would recommend.

Please comment below with up to three books that you would recommend as gifts this Christmas and I’ll try to assimilate them into a recommendations list later in the week.