Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris – reviewed by Gary Boal

Today, we have the pleasure of Gary Boal reviewing a very interesting book by Joshua Harris called Dug Down Deep: Unearthing What I Believe and Why It Matters.

Gary is a great guy who loves God, is dedicated in his faith and also takes awesome photo’s!

Dug Down Deep

“I didn’t understand that seemingly worn-out words like theology, doctrine, and orthodoxy were the pathway to the mysterious awe-filled experience of truly knowing the living Jesus Christ.”

Joshua Harris  [Dug Down Deep]

There are many helpful reviews of Dug Down Deep, reviews that are far better than I could possibly serve you with. Thabiti Anyabwile’s was the one that finally tipped the scales and opened my wallet to this purchase.
So rather than simply add another review I thought i’d stick with my reasoning for recommending this book.

Why I Recommend This Book

While it seems many of us profess Christ, our own brutal honesty would admit that we neglect to really study our Bibles, spend time in prayer, or give ourselves to Church as we know we should (We could continue to flog ourselves over evangelism, fasting and every other practice we just know we fall short on). But perhaps worst of all, and as a result of all this we do not have an all consuming, passionate, experiential relationship with Jesus.

Is it that we don’t realize the joys of going deeper in our walk with Christ? Or perhaps we simply do not want to put the effort in. Maybe we just don’t know where to start. It could even be that our focus is on tradition or emotionalism; or maybe we are all doctrine and no action . . .    . . . or vice-versa.

These are the reasons why I recommend ‘Dug Down Deep’ with prayerful anticipation that the honest mix of Harris’ autobiography with systematic theology will help us walk further in our relationship with Jesus. A relationship firmly rooted in Scripture.

While many (even close friends of mine) doubt the place of doctrine and theology in their lives, Harris serves us with a striking statement on page 31. “Doctrine can never take the place of Jesus himself, but we can’t know him and relate to him in the right way without doctrine”. This really sums up what ‘dug down deep’ brings to the table and why Harris encourages us to begin searching into these things. We need doctrine if we truly want to seek, know, and love Jesus more and more.

More Reasons Why You Should Consider it.

At only 231 pages the size shouldn’t be a turn-off.
Along with this, Harris’ style tends to have an easy flow that both helps us to read and to understand. His cartoon drawings are sure to cause a smile as they create a memorable image in our mind and they will hopefully remind us of our battle with the flesh.

If you favour biographies or testimonies, and usually shy away from more doctrinal books then this is a great in-between which comes at theology and doctrine through personal experience.

At around £11:70 (UK) or $13:60 (US) it’s not going to break the bank, and fits the perfect price for a Christmas present.

You’re Still Unsure?
If you’re still unsure, well, here’s a quote from the final chapter to help wet your appetite:

“Genuine orthodoxy–the heart of which is the death of God’s son for undeserving sinners–is the most humbling, human-pride-smashing message in the world. And if we truly know the gospel of grace, it will create in us a heart of humility and grace toward others. Francis Schaeffer, a Christian writer and thinker from the twentieth century, modeled this kind of profound compassion. He genuinely loved people. And as he analyzed and critiqued the culture, he did so “with a tear in his eye.”

That is humble orthodoxy. It’s standing for truth with a tear in our eye.” (Dug Down Deep, p225)

When I recommend this book that is the hope in my mind for you – That you (and I), as we move deeper into Christ, might stand for truth with a tear in our eye.


Thank you, Gary I really appreciate you recommending and reviewing this for us.

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