Christmas Letters – M

So we’re up to M in our Christmas Letters series.. and this is a quite appropriate one:

M is for Missing

For most of this year, I’ve been somewhat ‘missing-in-action’. I’ve cut myself off from virtually everything to try to regain control of my depression and my life in general which means that I’ve been absent from Twitter, Facebook and even this blog for the majority of the year.

Things seem to be getting back in order now and I’m slowly easing back in but there are still days and even weeks on end when nobody but my family really sees or hears from me.

Missing is quite appropriate for today, as is yesterday’s post (T is for Time) because I simply have too much to do at the moment and have completely run out of time to do anything… including writing a good post today.

Missing is also an emotion I’ve been feeling a lot.

I’ve been missing you all. I’ve been missing being able to read and comment on your blogs and your tweets and your facebook status updates. I’ve been missing the crazy conversations and general insanity that exists on twitter. I’ve been missing a lot of things.

All because I’ve been missing.

Hopefully I’ll get everything together today so at least I won’t miss Christmas and maybe next year I’ll be back in full force and you’ll start wishing I was missing again!

Have a great day!