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Today’s Entries: Broken

My Entry: Broken

There is a certain irony to the fact that a child born on 9/11/2001 and featured as one of the ‘Faces of Hope’ for America in the aftermath of that tragic day was senselessly gunned down outside a supermarket, this weekend.

Seemingly, just nine years after the horrors of that day, that hope was snuffed out in an instant and many were left reeling, wondering where America has come to, how things have gotten to where they are and whether or not there truly is any hope left.

Well, let me tell you folks. It’s not just America.

Sure, the murders of this little girl, Christina Taylor Green, and the others who died in the same terrible event were tragic and almost impossible to understand and come to terms with but there is one overwhelming reason for it and it’s not something contained to the USA:

The world is broken

The world is broken and the people in it are broken.

We were designed and created in the image of God. We were given the chance and the choice to be whole but we rejected it and in the process became a broken people in a broken world.

Senseless, tragic, evil things happen and while there is always more that a society can do to become more moral and just, there will always be tragedy because we will always be broken…. in this life at least.

Christina Taylor Green’s life was not a loss though. In being born on 9/11 she reminded us that there is hope. Along with the evil and tragedy, there is the hope and joy of new life.

Now, in losing her life in such a senseless way, she has once again reminded us of that because, although she was taken from her family and this world way too soon, the very fact that she lived reminds us that mortal death is not the end.

We have hope because hope was given to us by the very creator we rejected.

We have hope because although we are now broken and the world around us is broken too, this world will NOT last forever and we have been given the chance for rebirth and the opportunity to share in the rebirth of this world.

We have hope because we have a savior through whom we can be made whole and with whom we will live for ever, free from brokenness, from sorrow, from tragedy and from mourning.

We have hope because we have Jesus.

I hope that Christina’s death will serve to remind us that this world is broken, but there is hope – and I hope we will lift our eyes to the bringer of our hope and accept from him the wholeness he offers and the love he freely gives.