CSS – So Easy Your Grandma Could Do It

Today I want to push you all out into territory which might seem a little scary but which will be good for all of you. At least, it will be good for all of you wordpress users.

The two questions I get asked most are probably:

  1. Can I change some of the colors on my blog
  2. Can I change the font size on my blog

The answer to both of those questions is invariably YES… and in most cases is ridiculously simple.

In fact, it’s so simple that even your Grandma could do it.

What You Need:

To do this quickly and easily, you need to install either the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser on your computer.

You then need to watch the following video and follow the step by step instructions in it.

What it’s going to teach you to do is learn how to use some simple yet advanced features of the browsers to experiment with changes to your blog design with absolutely zero risk of breaking anything – and then how to apply it to your blog.

This video is the shorter, version. See below it for a slightly longer tutorial (you’ll probably want to go watch this at Youtube so you can see it a little more clearly):

Here’s the slightly longer version, if you’d like to watch it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X957Y2C1PPU

Don’t be scared, it really is easy…. come on… you know you can do it!