If We’re Just Passing Through, Why Do We Try So Hard To Settle In?

Moving In

Much is said in the Christian community about how we are ‘not of this world’ or ‘just passing through’. We use phrases like ‘this is not our home’ or ‘this is only temporary’ and yet looking at the lives of most Christians, me included, it’s very hard to see the difference between us, those who are just ‘passing through’ and people who are here to stay.

Really, honestly, do you live your life as if this is a temporary home or do you hoard and collect and save up and put down deep roots?

If your answer to the above question is yes then you’re not alone. Here’s why:

I was watching an episode of the TV show ‘The Event’ a few weeks before Christmas when they revealed that a large number of the characters on the show had the same problem we do.

In brief, we discovered in that episode (Season 1, Episode 9, ‘Your World to Take‘) that many of the characters in the show are in fact human-looking aliens who appear to have been stranded here on earth.

Their leader was talking to a select few of them about their plans to return home and she sensed that they were a little reluctant to leave. When she asked them about it, they told her this:

“… Living here has had a profound effect on all of us. Most of us have grown to like it… and the truth is, we don’t want to go home…

….We are starting families. We’re making a life here.”

When you put those statements in the context of the show (the aliens have been stranded here for at least the last 67 years) it’s easy to see that you’d either be sick of the place and just want to go or you would have become so enmeshed with the world around you that you couldn’t imagine leaving.

How Does That Relate To Us?

Turning the looking glass on our own lives, our situation is somewhat similar to these fictional character’s lives – and so is our response.

While it’s true to some degree that we do need to take care of our families and put a roof over their heads etc, where in the bible are we ever told to take out life insurance and build up our retirement plans?

Where is it suggested that we should spend thousands of dollars collecting pez dispensers and hundreds of hours cataloging them and displaying them proudly?

Where do we get the idea that we should display all of the trappings of wealth and prosperity for all to see?

If we are truly not of this world and we’re truly trying to be ambassadors for the world we are from, then why is it so hard to distinguish us from those who ARE of this world?

The answer… because we’re hypocrites.

We live a lie.

We say one thing and do another.

… and we’re experts at finding ways to justify all of our ‘stuff’, all of the things that tie us to this world.

We know that we’re not staying here… but we like it here and we just want to settle down.

I’m going to be talking more about this subject on Wednesday, looking at some scriptures and comparing our lives to the prescription we are given.

Watch out. It might hurt,

What do you think? am I way off base on this one?