New Words for the Blog Carnival

I really have no idea where I’m going with this blog.

    The original title was “Rediscovering the Church” and I’m very tempted to try to keep that title somehow or other but I very rarely post now about my experiences in rediscovering the Church so it seems a little out-of-place.

    I’ve blogged a lot about business type things and am very conscious of that. I don’t want to become pushy or just business oriented. I’m more than just my business and I don’t think of my online friends as potential clients to be ‘reeled in’ so I try hard to share and give simply because it’s the right thing to do and not devolve into some kind of stealth marketer.

    So I’m searching for direction for this blog…. which brings me neatly to today’s topic.

    While I may not have any great direction for my blog, one thing I am committed to is hosting the One Word At A Time Blog Carnival every other Tuesday.

    We’ve now exhausted our current list of topics for the carnival – and only have six days before the next one.

    I asked for suggestions and these were the responses I got:

    • Home
    • Road
    • Movie
    • Childhood
    • Games
    • Pets
    • Innocence
    • Treasure
    • Sacrifice
    • Adventure
    • Resolution
    • Renewal
    • Winter
    • Season
    • Goals
    • Future
    • Reconciliation

    It was also suggested that we do some series’ such as the seasons or colors.

    What we need to do in the next couple of days is decide between us what we’re doing… or delegate it to someone to make the decision.

    I’m happy to set the topics, if you want, but since this is a community carnival, I think the community should be able to have some input.

    So…. What do you think. What should the topics be?