You Can’t Do That!

My wife wants a closet in the play room.

Apparently, the shelves and containers we already have are not enough and so she wants a closet to store the myriad toys that our kids never play with.

My wife wants a closet, so my wife is getting a closet. My parents and grandma paid for the materials and I’m building it.

The response I heard from just about everyone I told about my new closet-building project was this:


You’re building a closet?

On your own?


Or something along those lines.

It was unanimous. I can’t do it. I do not have the skills, experience or ability necessary to successfully complete such a project.

I can’t do it.

…..But my wife wants one.

So I’m doing it, regardless of the inevitable failure which is rapidly heading my way.

A Closet-Sized Illustration

I was thinking about this today and wondering how it relates to us on a spiritual level, particularly at the start of a new year.

I realized that my closet is a picture of something that we all do way too often.

My wife wants a closet and so I’m building her one.

It doesn’t matter that I’ve never done anything like this before, have no clue what I’m doing and am as much use on a construction site as a Styrofoam sledgehammer, my wife asked and so I’m doing it.

If it had been almost anyone else asking, I would have said, “No way, no day!” but because it was my wife asking, the answer had to be, “YES!”

I wonder how many times God asks us to do something and we look at it and decide that we don’t have the skills, abilities and experience necessary and simply tell him, “No.”

If God had been the one asking me to build a closet, would I have said yes?

Would I?

I Say NO To God

Sitting here now, it’s easy for me to say that I would have told him yes on the condition that he helped but in reality, my experience is that I rarely say yes when God asks me to do something that’s out of my comfort zone.

Does that seem as ridiculous to you as it does to me?

My wife asked me to do something I’m completely unqualified to do and I immediately said yes but when God, who has the ability to give me what I need to complete a task and knows whether or not I’m the right man for the job asks, I say no because I’m afraid I’ll fail.

Isn’t that a little mixed up?

Why do I listen to the voice saying, “You can’t do that!” so readily when God comes calling but ignore it when it’s someone else asking?

I think this year I need to stop telling God, “I can’t do that!” and listen to the creator of the universe telling me “You CAN do that… with my help.”

How about you?