I’m Honored to be Honored

I’ve had some incredible honors bestowed upon me since I started blogging but five really stand out to me:

  1. The thanks and kind words of my customers. I never ceased to be amazed at the nice things people say to and about me when I’m just doing my job!
  2. A post of mine was selected to be a guest post on Michaelhyatt.com
  3. @katdish asked me to help her design BillyCoffey.com and katdish.net… and then other people saw those and STILL wanted me to help them with their sites
  4. @tentblogger very kindly donated three copies of Standard Theme for our Giveaway. (I actually cried when I got his email)

and number five happened just yesterday…

Gabe Taviano is highlighting ‘Digital Disciples’ every day, people who use technology for the Kingdom of God, and yesterday he made me his ‘daily digital disciple‘.

I was incredibly honored to be selected and to thank him for that, I have a little idea….

I will give an extra entry into the giveaway to anyone who visits my entry in the digital disciples list and leaves a comment.

You don’t have to read about me there, you can just skip straight to the comments but you might enjoy looking around the site.

So, go here, leave a comment and I’ll give you another entry into the draw!!!