Renewal – Blog Carnival

Welcome to the One Word at a Time Blog Carnival.

This week’s word is: Renewal

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The location is here and the subject this week is the word RENEWAL.

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Here’s my entry:

How We Approach Renewal

When I think of the word ‘renewal’, two things come to mind:

  1. The blessing of God changing our lives
  2. My business

The two may not have a whole lot in common but the later can teach us a lot about our attitude toward the first.

A Business Example

I work in a business where every twelve months, my clients have to renew their subscription to my hosting services.

I’ve been doing this for about seven years and it never ceases to amaze me how differently people approach this yearly inconvenience.

  • Some renew almost as soon as I send out the first renewal notice, even though it’s still a while before the renewal date
  • Some wait until they’re within a week or so of the renewal date to renew but ensure they do it in plenty of time still.
  • Some wait until the day the renewal is due and renew exactly on time, not a day early and not a day late.
  • Others wait until the due date has passed and then, sheepishly, send through the payment.
  • Others still wait until they’re so far past their renewal date that they’re about to get cut off.
  • and others wait too long and miss their opportunity.

A Spiritual Parallel

The same is true of the renewal that Jesus offers, both the ‘renewal’ of forgiveness from sin and new life in Him and the renewal of our minds and spirits when things start weighing us down.

  • How many of us jump at the first opportunity for renewal?
  • How many of us wait a while and suffer alone with our problems when we don’t need to?
  • How many of us wait even longer, until we’re pas breaking point and God has to start picking up the pieces of our broken lives?
  • How many of us, still, wait too long and never accept the offer of renewal until it’s too late?

I know I am guilty of waiting… and waiting… and waiting, like I’m trying to serve some kind of penance for whatever got me into the state I’m in.

God must get mightily frustrated with me running around ignoring his outstretched hand day after day after day.

How about you? How good are you at accepting renewal from Jesus when you need it?

Do you try to foolishly shoulder your burden alone like I do?