Do You Spend So Much Time Looking Ahead That You Forget The Past?


My last post was about waiting and preparing for what God has promised he will do but there’s a flip side to that which we mustn’t miss.

This weekend, My wife’s family are coming for our bug family Christmas get together. I there’s around thirty of us now, including fourteen kids (one as yet unborn). It’s going to be pretty crazy around here and just the preparation time means I haven’t had much time to blog or tweet.

Looking Back

Last night, I was looking back at my posts from around last Christmas to see if there was something I could re-post to save time. (The post on December 27th 2008 is the all time most viewed post on my blog, by the way).

I didn’t find anything I could re-post directly but I did learn something that really made me stop and think.

Last Christmas, God was talking to me about evangelism and about being intentional in living a life set apart for him.

What I realized when I re-read those posts is that I spent so much time looking ahead to the future this year, so much time reaching for what was to come, that I forgot about what had already come, what I’d heard and learned in the past.

Balancing the Past and Future

Waiting and preparing is good. We need to look to the future, look to what God is calling us to but we also have to keep one eye firmly on the past. We cannot forge ahead, looking for the next new thing, at the expense of the past. God spoke to us, taught us and revealed truth to us not to be forgotten but to be learned, remembered acted upon. We need to learn to maintain a balance between looking forward and recalling the past.

This coming year I want to be more intentional about not forgetting what I have already learned, what I have already seen and experienced.

I hope and pray that at this time next year I don’t look back and realize that once again I forgot to remember the past!