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With a little prodding and poking from some good friends, I have started to offer a web design service.

I can help with the design and modification of your blog/site.

I specialize in WordPress sites and can help you achieve the design and usability you’re looking for.

Although I’m not a ‘designer’ in the traditional sense, I am here to help you take your natural creative talents and your ideas and put them on the screen.

If you want your site done right, drop me a line and we can discuss how best to achieve your goals.

7 thoughts on “Web Design”

  1. Joanne says:

    Hi Peter,

    Found you through Lynnette. I’m considering combining two blogger blogs into a wordpress. I’m an author with my book coming out in a few months and would need a site that’s e-commerce compatible etc.

    I LOVE lynnette’s blog. But, have a few other ideas up my sleeve. Would you email me and let me know what you charge? I have someone who is interested in getting me up and running, so if I can’t afford you, are you also available for smaller jobs?

    God Bless, Joanne

  2. My parents are Bob and Hazel Moon and I received your name form my Dad’s site. Hoe much do you charge for hosting and modication of a site?

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